Founded in 2007, Neuron Global continues to grow to accommodate a wide variety of projects from different verticals in the technology world. Our years of experience and expertise help partners in a full cycle development or supplement their in-house team with capacity augmentation services. Read our full story here...  more information


A development firm founded on solidarity and hard work. Neuron Global understands the industry and its challenges. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible quality service and continue on creating substantial solutions for clients to ensure long term success....   more information


We have worked on a number of diverse projects from different branches in the industry. We have designed, architected and developed projects of different scales while constantly maintaining harmonious relationships with our partners in the industry....  more information


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Neuron Global works not only out of specifications provided but we take business and our projects like our own. Neuron Global has made partnerships from different sectors in the technology industry and through them, we have achieved so much over the past few years and managed to grow ourselves a wide array of network and established our name in this industry...  more information