Case Studies

Neuron Global has worked on a diversity of projects under an umbrella of different types of relationships. Because Neuron Global's services are often white labeled through our partners in some of the case studies below we are not allowed to uniquely identify the end clients.

Pharmaceutical Company

The client needed a custom social video streaming channel within their SharePoint platform. Our solution allowed users to quickly access several video libraries and related resources to facilitate learning. We also integrated NewsGator RSS aggregation to supplement user activity streams and developed a customized administration workflow which integrated with the client’s existing InfoPath forms.


Rooftop Tower Company

Migrated a homegrown intranet to SharePoint 2010 to create an easier and more efficient communication platform. Our solution allowed users to stay informed of company news, events, and announcements. We also built additional access controlled areas within the portal for executives and board members to share sensitive material.


Sports Enthusiast Group

A social networking site similar to Facebook but geared towards sports. Among the many things that the site can do, users can "add" friends, "like" different sports, teams and sports facilities, search for people within their area who play the same sports and setup a sporting event, say, a basketball game, with those people. Our team utilized nearly all the features of the SharePoint Object Model to complete this project.


World Bank Institute

Our team designed, architected and developed a prototype of an online knowledge management platform that aimed to consolidate and organize the WBI’s event content across the organization. We built the prototype in Java and then customized several open source modules to enable event content integration, subject indexing, cross event connections, and social networking features, such as; speaker, sponsor & organization profiles and commenting.


Harvard Business School

We served as the event knowledge management team for 6 of Harvard Business School’s Centennial events, including The HBS 2008 Venture Capital Conference, Global Change in the Built Environment, and HBS & Healthcare: Past, Present & Future. Our team captured audio content, written materials, speaker bio’s and other conference materials and integrated them into an interactive report utilizing the Adode Creative Suite to create customized reports with integrated media including, audio, video and document downloads.



Our team designed, architected, and built a customized enterprise social networking platform, integrated with a powerful knowledge management module that enables content on the social network to more easily be discovered and shared. Our team built the application in the Java Netbeans integrated development environment using the spring/hibernate framework. Once the core architecture was completed we implemented a library based indexing system in the search & tag component that created directories of content based upon a standardized category system. The overall system works like an enterprise version of “facebook” but has a much more robust & powerful search like a WorldCat library system.



Client wanted to rebuild their web property’s architecture and migrate certain sections from their legacy CMS into Drupal. We designed, architected, and developed the client’s website using PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. On top of the core platform, we integrated an advanced search system using remote Apache Solr servers. We also integrated a customized access and permission system to protect sensitive data intended for users with designated privileges.


Nationally Recognized New England Zoo

Client needed a custom web application created to manage an educational program that could easily be administered by their staff and volunteers. We architected and developed the client’s web application using PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and AJAX. Our solution was built on top of a Drupal core and then extended using a series of custom and contributed modules. We developed and integrated an advanced inventory and reward points management system that performed on-the-fly calculations based on real-time system statistics.


Australian Immigration Agency

Client needed to migrate their flash-based website to Drupal to make it easier to maintain and more visible to search engines. We designed, architected, and developed a website based on the client’s business requirements which were extracted during an initial series of meetings with our Business Analyst. We developed the website using a combination of PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. After the migration, we integrated a customized online processing tool to manage and assess applications before storing in the client’s data archive.


New England Based Child Care Center

Client needed to perform several updates and maintenance work to their existing Drupal website. Our team modified their customized theme to accommodate the new changes and extended the functionality of their existing features using PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. In addition to updates and modifications to the Drupal core and modules, our team developed a custom photo gallery that was then integrated into the client’s Open Atrium intranet.


Martial Arts Studio

Client wanted to build a web-based training tool to supplement the lessons taught at their schools and provide parents with a way to follow the progress of their children. We architected and developed the client’s web application using PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and AJAX. Our solution was first created as a proof of concept before being built on top of a Drupal core. We integrated a cloud-based video transcoding system that made the training videos compatible with multiple media players and devices. We also developed custom modules to facilitate the integration of Amazon S3 storage system and Customer Information Management APIs.


New England Based Value-Added Reseller

We developed a knowledge management system for a VAR organization that captured all relevant vendor product information into an interactive interface. The application was built with ASP .NET and MySQL. We also integrated an administrator permission system and customized an open source module to enable personalized user account settings.