Our Story

Neuron Global was founded in 2007 incubated out of MIT as a knowledge management and content creation company. Soon enough, we were providing reports and developing online platforms for our clients, but we constantly ran into the strange limitations of the software industry. Allow us to explain: as one client would ask us to build a knowledge management module into their .NET-based platform, another would request that we customize their HTML-based CMS. Next came requests for Java work, then SharePoint, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, and so on.  We were taking on a variety of knowledge management projects for a wide range of clients in different development languages, on a diversity of platforms, each requiring a different development expertise.

Like any other business we wanted to grow, so we had to find a better, more sustainable way to handle these client requests. Although we had a core web development team, we were constantly calling local software companies to see if “they had a resource available”. We also tried working with contractors, but soon realized that they couldn’t provide the stability and consistency we needed to get our projects done on time and on budget. We also began hiring .NET, Java and SharePoint developers to handle the growing influx of projects, but ran into scaling and pipeline issues. Hiring was (and still is) a good option in the long-term, but this approach wasn’t responsive enough to meet many of our immediate project needs. So we relied upon a large network of development partners, which got the job done but definitely had its drawbacks.

This cycle went on for some time: new project comes in…don’t have an available developer…mad dash scramble to find an available resource…haphazardly bring on the new developer to meet with our business analyst, architect, PM and designer…run the project. This repeated itself until the hectic wash cycle of new project set up brought us to a point where we had to come up with a permanent, long-term solution to this problem.  Our Application Augmentation Services were born from this realization. We decided that we would become “the solution” for other software companies and development departments to the very problem that were experiencing. We decided to specialize in recruitment, training, application lifecycle management, project management, partnership development and all of the other things necessary to allow us to become the enhanced development capacity that we so often needed.

Over the years, the Neuron Global team has worked on hundreds of software projects and has developed a deep understanding of the application development lifecycle and what types of skills and talents are required at each stage. We understand the leverage points of where a development partner can be of greatest advantage and when it really is best to handle a project internally.

Neuron Global has offices in both the US and Asia, with our operations facility in the Philippines and a home office in New York City. This enables us to offer maximum flexibility and scale. You tell us how you want your project to run and we will follow your lead. This allows your team to expand its development capacity while maintaining control of your projects. We are the plug-and-play development muscle to complement to a skilled software team.

With Neuron Global you’re not just bringing on a resource, you’re partnering with a team of experienced managers and developers who intimately know what it takes to make a development project succeed.