Expectation Management

According to a survey conducted by Geneca 75% of stakeholders expressed a lack of confidence in a development project’s results....  Read More

Website Maintenance: It Sounds Inconsequential Until Something Bad Happens!

Almost no one enjoys discussing the topic of Website Maintenance. This is due, in large part, to the fact that website maintenance suffers from a major image problem: the name is boring, the activities that make up a maintenance plan sound boring, and in general, site...  Read More

Custom Development Isn't A Commodity That Can be Priced Easily

Yes, this is a loaded statement, but as long as you can accept the following premises: 1) software companies - like any other business - exist to make a profit, and 2) clients want a finished product that they’re happy with, then you can read on and we promise to...  Read More

Fixed Pricing on Software Projects is a Flawed Paradigm

After a thorough review of our past projects, that there was a strong correlation between proper pricing and a project’s success. Said another way: if we did a good job pricing the project,the outcome, almost without exception, was a positive one – the client was...  Read More

Important Considerations When Hiring a Customized Development Firm

The wonderful thing about a custom-built application or piece of software is that has been developed specifically with your business needs in mind. Well, at least this is true in theory! The sad truth is that ...  Read More

Why Functional Requirements are so Important

This number is staggeringly high, completely unacceptable, and we feel that it’s usually a result of what does (or doesn’t) take place during the first stages of a project.

Too often, what doesn’t take place is proper planning. Concepts are discussed, options are...  Read More

Why the Software Development Industry is Different - Part 1 of 3

According to a 2009 Standish Group Report, 68% of software projects were either not completed on time and budget, or failed all together. If that statistic wasn’t surprising enough on its own, what is even more shocking is that with...  Read More

5 Tips to Keep Your CMS in Top Shape

In today’s fast paced and competitor-rich cyberspace, it has become imperative for any enterprise, big or small, to have a form...  Read More