5 Tips to Keep Your CMS in Top Shape

by Aileen Artificio - Apr 17, 2013

“Content is king” We’ve heard that before. But with everyone vying for the throne, how do you make sure your pieces of content keep its' authority and continue to spread your message effectively?

Time and consistency are important factors in getting people to visit your site.

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In today’s fast paced and competitor-rich cyberspace, it has become imperative for any enterprise, big or small, to have a form of CMS (or blog) to bring their product out there. If you haven’t, you may want to seriously consider starting one now.

Now how to keep your CMS attractive and continue to pull visitors? Here are a few tips that are sure to help you attract visitors no matter how new or established your site:

Consistency and Timing

Whether your content producing capacity is once a week or once a month, stick to it and stick to it religiously. It also makes sense to invest some research in finding out when is the ideal time for your audience to digest your content.  This helps establish a sense of rhythm with your audience. By placing your content strategically, you can prevent your viewers from forgetting who you are while making  the most out of your written piece.

Tell them about yourself

This is the place in your site where you can be candid and not be too formal. Let your viewers have a peek at your office, at what you do. This gives them a sense of transparency. More importantly,  it shows that you are confident that what you’re doing is right and you’re not afraid to show it. Done properly, you can continue to hit two birds with one stone; boost rankings and create good PR.

Reach out to your audience

ENGAGE. Encourage your readers to ask, to participate and later on build a community. This way, not only do you build your followers, you build a network of friends, partners and potential clients. It takes time to build up an audience, people who follow your views and updates religiously, you must never forget how easily that can be lost if not taken care of.

Keep SEO on the sidelines but not out of sight

Keywords, meta tags, descriptions, social media sharing. These are only some of the avenues where you can promote your site in the hopes that Google finds your site more relevant than others. While it those things help, it is important to note that amazing content is what brings your site higher in the rankings page. Everything that you do for SEO helps bring people to your page but it is what you are saying that keeps them there and keeps them coming back.

Never skimp out on producing content with value

Ever tried following numerous links on a site that promises an answer to a simple question, only to find out how you have to pay for it in the end? One of the biggest traps content marketers fall for: dangling a carrot that’s too little. People come to your site to find if it holds value for them, and the only way they can prove that is by actually getting to read something that let’s them walk away with some new knowledge to share. It is as important to put your best foot forward even if it is still at the “free testing” phase.

In summary, no matter how long your CMS (or any other means of uploading content online) It is important to always work with your strengths. Also, you amidst all the marketing tools, tips and tricks out there, there is one question you should always ask yourself before publishing content: If someone else wrote that piece, will you read it?

Written by Aileen Artificio. Aileen works in business development for Neuron Global. Find her on Google