Tech Trends of 2013

by Beverly Maddul - Apr 03, 2013

An overview of some of the key tech trends in software development for 2013.

Mobile will continue to dominate the technology trends this year.

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It’s the fourth month of the year 2013 and some of the tech trends given last year came to light and some are still working their way through. But, trends do sometimes change in a matter of months in the software industry. And in a technology-driven society, everyone wants more efficiency and accessibility. So, let’s take a look at what 2013 brings us now and will be in the coming months.


Advancing Programs

According to TIOBE Programming Community Index, (indexes the popularity of different programming languages), the programming language “C” is in the number 1 spot with Java in at number 2. Whilst Ruby, Python and Objective-C now have an increase in popularity. With these statistics in mind, there will be a need for programmers and developers to upgrade their skills to be adept in the growing popularity of these languages that were not sought after before. It would give rise to hybrid programmers and developers who have more unique skills under their belt, making them see new ways of developing innovative software solutions.


Mobility... Still Rising

As more and more people use different devices to browse the Internet, purchase things, gather information and socialize, businesses cannot ignore a growing need to shift towards being mobile friendly. According to Morgan Stanley Research report, the number of mobile and tablet users is exceeding the number of desktop and laptop users this year up until 2015. This would signal a growing importance for businesses to ensure that their website/online visibility, is kept accessible and flexible (further need for responsive web design!) As the market becomes more and more saturated with devices in different sizes, functionalities and display resolutions, developers should be aware of optimising the development of web pages to make them optimally viewable for the user.


A Balance of Quality and Cost

Businesses cannot dismiss the fact that with today’s smarter technologies and customers, people are more likely to ask the question: “There must be a much better way to do this!”

Global economic crunches are affecting most SMB’s and consumers around the world, and cannot be ignored. Both businesses and customers are now taking a more mature and realistic approach when it comes to judging quality and cost. There will be a more proactive state of mind in both seeking and providing a new software product, e-commerce website or even a hybrid service.


The Zen of Agile

The principles of agile software development are well known throughout the software industry. However, teams are now working together with other teams on a global scale (located in different time zones). The big question is whether the project can still be effectively managed, staying true to the core principles and best practice of the agile methodology. In doing so, processes will become streamlined, communication improved and productivity enhanced; with both teams achieving better results in a more timely manner.


Software is all around us. It influences and controls systems that we need and play with everyday. As we become more dependent on technology, trends and changes occur, mistakes can happen along the way, so it is vital that we continue to innovate and ensure room for improvement.


Written by Beverly Maddul. Beverly works in business development for Neuron Global