Dedicated Software Development Resources

In the market for an Outsourced Development Partner who can provide a highly qualified, Dedicated Programming Team?

If you find yourself needing to hire an offshore development company who can provide skilled and reliable programming resources, chances are that you either: work for a US-based development company, or a technology-centric company with an in-house programming team. Whether this approach to development is being considered out of necessity or by choice, it’s a big decision. Consider the following scenarios:

  • The company is growing and your hiring initiatives can’t keep pace with your project back-log.
  • The company needs to meet an aggressive development schedule, but doesn’t have (or won’t allocate) the necessary financial resources to bring on more full-time programmers.
  • Your development needs vary considerably on a month-to-month basis. Instead of staffing for the busy months - leading to excess capacity and underutilized employees in other months – the company has decided to seek out a development partner that can quickly respond to your need for temporary development resources during those busy months.
  • You already work with an outsourced development company…but you’ve had it with them. It could be the quality of their code, their inability to meet project deadlines, an unwillingness to communicate as frequently as the project dictates, the cultural/communication gaps have become too much of a distraction, or some combination these (and other) reasons.

There’s a good chance that your company falls into one of these situations, and while they’re quite different from one another, there is a common denominator….whichever company you choose to work with HAS TO DELIVER. The costs associated with failure, financial or otherwise, are significant.

Neuron Global understands what’s at stake when hiring an offshore development company, and by default, we understand that this process CAN BE difficult and stressful. Get it right and you’re a hero, get it wrong and you’ve got a lot of headaches, late nights, and aggravation in your future. On top of this, you or one of your team members may have been burned in the past – making matters more difficult. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Neuron Global is committed to creating the best possible offshore development experience for each and every one of our clients and development partners. One of our guiding principles is to eliminate the pain points that people most typically associate with outsourced development. For starters, it should be said that we are a US company and all of our account managers and sales/marketing staff are based out of our New York City office. Whether you want to discuss the status of an existing project or have a brainstorm on future development initiatives, we’re always ready to have that conversation. We are happy to come and meet you at your office, or have an impromptu phone call. Our clients find this to be extremely helpful, but we know that availability doesn’t count for much if these discussions don’t clearly translate into the end result you were looking for. That’s one of the reasons why our development center in the Philippines is led exclusively by a US and UK expat management team.

We are hyper-sensitive to the fact that miscommunication is one of the single biggest pitfalls of any complex development project. So we employ a number of different tactics to ensure that our deliverables match your vision of the project.

  • We schedule regular conference calls – during US business hours – to review completed work and agree upon a plan-of-attack for the upcoming development cycle. These meetings are attended by our US account managers, one of technical managers, and one or more members of the programming team.
  • We make use of a variety of web-based communications, project management, and software development tracking tools so our clients and partners have real-time visibility into our work.
  • We are committed to planning before the start of a project, which allows us to staff according to the exact skills needed to execute the project. Other companies might try to assign an un/under qualified developer to your project, but Neuron Global understands that this is in no one’s best interest. We are committed to delivering first-rate code, on time and on budget, and the only way to do that is by putting the right people on the project.

At Neuron Global, we strive to be much more than a competent outsourced development company. We align ourselves with your unique business goals and we reflect your company’s values; our goal is to become a seamless and irreplaceable extension of your team.

Contact us to learn more, call 800-311-0532 or request a callback using our contact page.