Software Co-Development Services

It’s an unfortunate reality that having a team of world class in-house programmers can’t, by itself, solve all of your development problems. Even though your team is capable of over-delivering time and again, there are situations where you simply need more help. For example:

  • The C-level within your company is so excited about the new project that they’ve decided to significantly expand the scope of work. Of course, they don’t want to revise the release timeline…so where do you turn?
  • The company has just signed-on a new customer and they’re ready to get started right away. It’s a great project, but it is going to require almost all of your team’s time to architect and design the solution…which will end up compromising all of the other projects that are currently in development. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a qualified team of programmers who could respond in short order and fulfill your existing clients’ project requirements?
  • Congratulations – the new software release has been met with rave reviews! But there’s no rest for the weary; time to get started on the next release…but who’s going to be responsible for the maintenance, de-bugging, and minor improvements to the current version? Chances are you don’t want/need your best and brightest on these tasks…

Neuron Global is not only familiar with each one of these scenarios, but we’re also comfortable with these situations because we’ve experienced them first-hand. Thanks to our diverse set of in-house programming resources and access to a large, qualified pool of developers, we’re able to quickly and effectively respond to your co-development needs. And our offshore operations facility in the Philippines means that we’re in a position to ensure the highest levels of code quality and save you money in the process.

To learn more about our services or to recieve a personal consultation, please call us on 800-311-0532 or request a callback using our contact form.